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Skilling & Employment of Rural Youth

Our Skill enhancement initiatives aim at training and up skilling the youth with sustainable skilling initiatives by leveraging technology and ensuring them secured livelihoods.

Development of Rural Women Entreprenuership

Entrepreneurship skills for rural women in an emerging market like India can be a game changer, women entrepreneurship in today’s digital age is very critical for development in rural areas

Rural BPOs

Our Rural BPO initiative aims to develop and train rural youth, make them Industry ready with relevant Skills and competencies that enable them to ensure sustainable employment


By integrating life skills education at an early stage, we equip students with the tools necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. This approach aligns with the principles laid out in NEP 2020, emphasizing holistic learning and the importance of soft skills alongside academic knowledge.

Health & Wellness

Our mission is to empower organizations to invest in the well-being of their employees and communities, fostering a culture of care and vitality through comprehensive Health & Wellness programs.

CSR Projects

To maximize your returns on the CSR initiatives, VITF as CSR organizer and partner, helps formulate strategies for your CSR initiatives congruent to your organization's core competencies for a noticeable impact.


Established in 2016, Vision India Talent Foundation is a distinguished Not-for-Profit organization based in Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. Rooted in the philosophy of serving society, we are committed to fostering sustainable opportunities and creating a brighter future for individuals and communities across India.

At Talent Foundation, our goal is simple: empower individuals and communities across India through Education, Skill development, and Employment opportunities. We focus on quality education and skill training to break the cycle of poverty. Gender equality is central, with initiatives like Rural Women Empowerment and Rural BPO for Women Power. We also promote a Healthy Society and Sustainable Environment through advocacy and action.

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