CSR Management Partners

India is the second-largest populous country globally, where 20% of the population lives below the poverty line; Illetracy, Malnutrition are widespread, and access to primary healthcare is not available to the majority. Vision India Talent Foundation (VITF) believes that the socio-economic problems that our country is facing are addressable with the active partnership of corporates, government and society. They need to come together for people at the bottom of the pyramid waiting for inclusion in the growth story. Companies can dedicate and pledge resources to address the issues mentioned above and simultaneously enhance their brand image through their CSR initiatives. Vision India Talent Foundation as a CSR organizer, helps companies plan, design, and deliver their CSR goals.

CSR Strategy

To maximize your returns on the CSR initiatives, VITF as CSR organizer and partner, helps formulate strategies for your CSR initiatives congruent to your organization's core competencies for a noticeable impact.
1. We help you conceptualize the idea.
2. Set objectives and goals
3. Setup SOP for delivery

Project managemengt

Vision India Talent Foundation (VITF) makes sure the delivery of your CSR initiative is ethical in communication and impact. We manage your initiative to create a sustainable value for society as a whole and the community in particular.
1. Set Legal and Financial compliances
2. Budget allocation
3. Define progress gates
4. Monitoring mechanism
5. Reviews on Progress


Communication of the efforts are essential; the benefits of CSR activity need to reach the community that will benefit via your initiative. Vision India Talent Foundation (VITF) helps you strategically make and implement your CSR communication, building affinity and advocacy for your brand. `
1. Social Media Outreach in the targeted geography or demography
2. Creating a Social media communication plan
3. Sharing progress and success stories through Social Media
4. PR/Media Coverage
5. Creating and managing events online and offline.

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