Education is critical for the development of a human being as an individual and society.It is essential to mitigating poverty; it improves health and productivity, promotes gender equality, and provides upward opportunities.
Setting the foundation of the nation's socio-economic development, education is considered essential for progress.
From an individual perspective, education sparks a pursuit of knowledge and love for learning, builds confidence and self-esteem,
helps individuals maximize their potential and play a significant role in the development of society.
Vision India Talent Foundation believes that education promotes well-being and should be available to everyone.
Vision India Talent Foundation has been working to ensure that children in rural areas get quality elementary education,
especially girls and marginalized communities. We work to help them become the leaders and change-makers of the future.
Education is a crucial tool for girls to realize their maximum potential by gaining essential skills and dispositions.
Our foundation set them on the path of social and economic empowerment.

Rural employment

India has been predominantly a rural country, with two-thirds of its population still residing in rural areas. India's 70% workforce still lives in rural areas. Rural growth and development drive the overall growth and development of India. The main problems of rural India are unemployment, lack of education and job-centred training among the youth.
Rural poor boys go up to matriculation standard and then stop education without having any skill. Their need to get skills in some professions is acute. But, in rural conditions, these facilities are not available to acquire such skills in a short time at a reasonable cost. Vision India Talent Foundation believes that India will never achieve its true growth story until its rural sector is empowered to make choices and transform its own lives. Our foundation works toward enriching the lives of marginalized communities of India. It enhances livelihood opportunities and provides relevant information to help reduce risks for rural communities. Foundation trains rural people and provides them jobs.


CII's India Skills Report 2018 states that 62% of the Indian population falls in 15-59 years of working-age group. As per the World Bank estimation, India will add over 12 million youth in the age group of 15 to 29 years to its labour force every year. While this number may seem significant, these stats also state that only 2.3% of this workforce will have formal skills training for employment while others remain unsuitable for jobs. The Indian education system and the industry stakeholders need to bridge this gap between unemployment and employability through skilling. Vision India Talent foundation intends to be a facilitator bridging this skill gap. Our foundation programmes are designed to promote livelihood opportunities through education and practical training, with the overarching aim of enhancing competitiveness and economic development. We believe in creating a solution to empower youth to the most pressing challenges of our time. Driven by this belief, the Vision India talent foundation's mission is to support youth in creating positive change towards more inclusive, fair, and sustainable communities.


Vision India Talent Foundation is working towards reliable, affordable and quality health care services to individuals who don't have access to these services or even the basic knowledge on how to access them. In partnership with corporates, our foundation is working to organize Health camps in rural and semi-urban areas, providing basic medical checkups to people are conducted at regular intervals to diagnose and treat people with ailments. An essential objective of these health camps is to educate the local population on the importance of nutrition, physical health, cleanliness and first aid. We are helping them adopt a healthy lifestyle for their well-being and to make these communities become self-sustaining and grow further, one step at a time.